End of Season Review

endReviewSmlCan you believe we’re already closing in on the end of the year? Honestly this summer went fast. Since this was the first summer at the new place I’ve been thinking about the good, bad, and uglies we had with the garden this year and what to do for next year. Maybe this list will give you ideas with your own gardens.

Let’s start with the goods.

The Goods.
– The squash, zucchini, and pumpkin plants did well and seemed happy with where they were.
– The beans and cucs would’ve been better with better soil and more water.

The Bads.
– Hauling hoses all over the place trying to get water to plants.
– Lack of watering when gone for weekend or trips.

The Uglies.
– Weeds aka Bindweed and thistle!!!!! Took over everything, couldn’t keep up with pulling it.

As you can see what I need to work on this fall is to figure out a better way to water and improving the soil.

Hopefully this quick list gives you ideas to look at with your own garden spots, big or small.


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