Where Have You Been?

chickens and ducks

It’s been a long time since this place has been updated! Yikes! Definitely not a good thing to do in the blog world. So where have I been? Well, we’ve been busy making a number of changes which took my focus away for, well, it looks like 6 months (wow does time fly).

  • First, we’ve moved. And moving seems to take a LONG time! But we now have a half acre to call home and create all kinds of garden-goodness on!
  • We added another member to the family – yea!
  • And now we’re on to the fixing-the-house-up kind of projects which probably will be a constant thing around here. At least for the foreseeable future.

And that’s my reason for having such a long drought in writing. Enough excuses though, on to better things. Watch for weekly updates from now on, and if not send an email and give me the nudge to get back in the habit of sharing good-garden stories!

Happy Gardening :)

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