Peeling Fresh Eggs

hardboilEggOur chickens have been keeping us well stocked with eggs, so I’ve been experimenting with different ways to prepare them. One way I like to have them is hard-boiled. They’re so easy to grab and use that way, but have you peeled a fresh egg that’s hard-boiled? Its a very frustrating process which doesn’t leave a lot of egg left to eat. Why? The answer to that can be long, but the main points are that the membrane is still firmly attached to the shell, unlike older eggs which have shrunk some, and the pH has changed in older eggs from air entering older eggs through pores in the shell. Since I like eating my fresh eggs I started searching for a way to peel them without losing so much in the shells.

From my own trial and error process I’ve found it easiest to peel the eggs right after boiling them while they’re still warm. I just found a post from Queen of the Red Doublewide where she dumps the eggs from the boiling water to ice water to have perfectly peeled eggs. I’m going to give this trick a try next time I boil some eggs. There are many ideas and methods out there on google, but this looks to be the easiest.

I hope this helps anyone who has been struggling to peel those farm-fresh eggs, and please leave us a comment if you have a method which works for you. Thanks! :)


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