Fruit Curd

fruitCurd-slideWe recently bought a new preserving book: Preserving Made Easy: Small Batches and Simple Techniques This little book is filled with recipes to make small batches, as little as 2 cups, of a variety of condiments and sweet spreads. Two recipes immediately caught my eye- Microwave Lemon Curd and Orange Curd! I have never made curd before, but from the sound of the recipe I knew I had to try it. Let me just say they are extra yummy, tangy, sweet, and smooth.

Next I went looking for ways to use this new found goodness. Historically in the late 19th and early 20th century curds were served in England as an alternative for jams and used as fillings for cakes, pastries, etc. However, since curds use eggs they can quickly go bad without refrigeration. My recipe made just over 2 cups.

My next question was I wonder if you always have to make a fresh batch, or if there is a way to can it? Obviously there are commercial fruit curds available, however I like to avoid the preservatives and other unknown additions commercial foods have when possible. Turns out there IS a way to can your own curd! The USDA has published a recipe for Canned Lemon Curd, so you can can your own curd with the knowledge that it is safe for your family and friends to enjoy.

As is the case with most recipes, there are many people out there who have made their own recipes for fruit curd using all kinds of fruit: cherry, mango, orange, grapefruit, and many more! Here are a few links to check out for ideas.

I haven’t tried to can any of my fruit curd yet, but I plan to the next time I have some juicy lemons come my way. Does anyone have experience canning or just making your own curd? How did it come out?

Happy Preserving! :)


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